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 Revolutionizing The Future of Work

The Pipeline to Your Career Starts Here

Our Vision

To revolutionize how entry-level tech talent is trained, prepared, and matched to the right job opportunities in the tech industry, ensuring a successful and sustainable workforce for the future.


Career Assessment & Matching

Unlock your potential with a personalized career assessment and matching service.

Algorithm-Based Screening

Automate your talent screening process with an algorithm-based approach for faster and more accurate results.

Career Training & Development

Kickstart your career in tech with the right training and development resources to ensure success!

At Pipe Dream Academy, we see a future where entry-level talent is more in control of the trajectory of their career, and where learning, acquiring skills and getting real-world work experience is accessible and fast.

With access to many resources and cutting-edge technology, the next generation of technology leaders has the ability to shape their careers. Our vision is to empower this generation with the tools they need to succeed and build fulfilling careers.

The Future of Work

Our solution is for employers frustrated with high turnover rates and recruitment costs in their search for tech talent with high in-demand skills. 

Our product is a career navigation platform that offers a cost-effective solution to providing entry-level talent with the foundational knowledge and real-world experience necessary to succeed in the rapidly-changing tech industry.

Unlike traditional recruitment methods, our customizable solution enables employers to hire pre-screened and pre-trained candidates as both parties find their right fit. 


“the solution we needed to recruit and retain top-notch tech talent cost-effectively. We used the platform to showcase our company culture and connect with top talent in a virtual environment.”

John B, Hiring Manager

Job Interview
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